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Decorative Tapes, Fringes, Tassel Fringes, Outdoor Performance Trims, Marine Ropes, Cords, Round and Flat Braids, Bullions, Chainette Fringes, Tie Backs, Tassels, Binding Tapes, Heavy Duty Straps, Webbing, Rug Fringes, and Industrial loomed and Knitted Fringes and tapes.

About Our Facility

Fringe Market is located in Eatonton, Georgia, better known as Lake Country, situated alongside Georgia’s second largest lake, Lake Oconee. Husband and wife team, Mark and Melanie, have branded a “casual elegance” luxury trim line that fills a great need in the luxury trimming industry.

Along with the luxury decorative trimmings for the interior design trade, Fringe Market also manufactures products for the following:

  • Furniture Industry
  • Home & Apparel Fashion Industry
  • Outdoor Furniture, Pillow & Umbrella Industry
  • Bedding, Pillow & Drapery Convertor Industry
  • Commercial and Hospitality Industry
  • Entertainment and Movie Industry
  • Novelty Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Private Label Trims for Jobbers and Private Brands
  • Government Contract Bids

Manufacturing Luxury Trimmings in the US

We are proud to be one of the last textile manufacturers remaining in the United States.  All our products are designed and manufactured in Georgia.  All of our tassels and tassel fringes are hand-tied by our on-site textile artisans. 

Being a domestic manufacturer allows us to offer complete design alternatives, low yardage minimums, and fast shipping and turnaround times.  We ship both domestically and internationally.

Social Media

Follow our story on our Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and TikTok pages to see our latest creations and designs, and our sneak peeks of the mill process.  Follow and tag us with our #fringemarket hashtag to see how our trims are being used. 

Connect With Our Reliable Team

When you are looking for high-quality, American made trimmings, look no further than Fringe Market.  Thank you for supporting us and American Textile Manufacturers.