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Fringe Market is an American textile manufacturer that primarily focuses on providing the best services to the trade. Please sign up for a wholesale account. 

About Our Wholesale Program

We focus primarily on providing luxury trimmings to the trade. We sell to many sectors, designers, showrooms, high-end retail stores, commercial and hospitality, and converters.

We have many pricing tiers. Our prices may reflect an increase and are subject to change without notice. In an effort to keep our per yardage pricing lower for our customers, we do charge for samples and shipping. 

How To Join Our Wholesale Program

Our wholesale account requirements include supplying two credit references and copies of your business license and state resale certificate.

Upon approval of your application, you will receive an account notice that gives you access to our product purchasing wholesale on our website page.


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You can rest assured that our facility has the equipment needed to consistently produce exceptional textiles. For any further questions, please contact us at (706) 991-1830 or [email protected].