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Hi friends! It’s been a while so we wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves again for our new friends and followers.

🌱We are Mark and Melanie Cosby, owners and operators of Fringe Market. Mark has been making Fringe for 30 years and Melanie joined him in 2012 after working for over 20 years in the legal industry.

🌱Fringe Market was created out of the need for a casual but high-end trimming and fringe need and we’ve been filling that need for 7 years now. Our brand is based on natural and eco friendly products; natural cotton, recycled cotton, linen, wool, and jute etc.

🌱We also have the largest selection of high-end outdoor/performance trims on the market ☀️

🌱We design and create new trims and fringes throughout the year almost weekly.

🌱We are proud to be an American Manufacturer 🇺🇸 We Manufacturer large quantities for private label and converter clients as well as selling cut yardage to interior designers to the trade. We are in designer showrooms across the US and abroad as well as stocked in fabric retail stores. We also service the industrial trimming industry.

🌱Thank you for following along, supporting American manufacturers, sharing and tagging your work with our trims, and referring us to your friends and clients. We are so very thankful for your support.

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